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you are in - we can help.

Whether you are facing a foreclosure or your home has already been sold at a foreclosure sale, we may be able to help you if you take immediate action.

I am behind on my mortgage payments

A loan modification is the permanent restructuring of a mortgage loan whereby one or more of the terms of a borrower’s loan are changed to provide a more affordable payment.

I received a foreclosure notice

We have successfully filed and prosecuted over 300 wrongful foreclosure lawsuits against every major banking institution in the United States.

I need to fix my credit

Leverage every relevant legal standard for your credit repair case with our lawyer-driven process.

Over 300 Families Saved From Foreclosure

Meet The Founder

Founder, Senior Attorney

Robert 'Clay' Vilt

Been there, done that, and I have the scars to prove it. Much like you – I once had a financial disaster which caused me to lose my home to foreclosure and ultimately ended up divorced.

As a result, I feel your pain because I know your pain. Because of my past tragedy, I set out on a mission to help others who are walking a mile in the shoes that I once wore. My mission is simple: create a win – win situation whereby you get to keep your home, keep your family intact, and the lender gets a fully performing loan.

All you need to do is give me a call, tell me your situation, and I’ll help develop a game plan to save your home.

I look forward to speaking with you soon,

Robert C. Vilt – JD, CPA